Andrew Berman

“We have worked with AHE for many years and have found them to have access to the highest quality equipment. But the best part of working with them has been their culture of going above and beyond for the distributors. I have found they are truly working in our best interest. We are more than just customers to them.”

George Williamson

“The sales and service staff were very experienced and knowledgeable. When we first did business with them, we rented equipment from them for an 18 month project. The price was very reasonable and the service was very helpful. Since then we have purchased a small fleet of Caterpillar Trucks from them.”

Morton Conger

“AHE was able to deliver 6 large Caterpillar generators to our 6 work sites across UAE in less than 30 days and really saved our projects! With great quality equipment and service like this, we have learned that we can always count on American Heavy Equipments.”

Matthew Lake

“While searching for the right heavy equipment company to purchase the mining equipment we needed, we came across AHE. We heard from other mining companies that they could provide top of the line products with a solid reputation. They treated us well and made sure we had the right equipment for our project. We were much happier with them that we thought possible. The sales and service staff were instrumental in getting our company moving in the right direction immediately. We will definitely use them again in the future.”