For applications ranging from media blasting and painting, we supply a selection of portable air compressor systems to meet your demands. We carry the finest, most dependable, cost-effective compressed air solutions from leading brands such as Sullair, Atlas Copco and Hurricane, including 100% oil-free electric air compressors, diesel-drive air compressors, oil flooded and instrument quality units.


Generators are important tools for any construction or demolition site, providing electrical power where none may otherwise be available. They come in a variety sizes, from small, portable generators to large, towed units. Typically powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, generators are essential to any project requiring primary or backup electricity. Because the lifeblood of any construction project is reliable electric power, generators ensure employees at a work site will never be without it.

Light Towers

We provide solutions to all your needs for artificial lighting with product lines from such well-known US manufacturers like Multiquip, Terex/Genie, Magnum and Allmand Bros. One of our most popular product lines is that of the Combo RV light towers, that are particularly well received by oil field clients.