Our customers are offered a complete line of specialized compactors including landfill compactors, pneumatic rollers, soil compactors, tandem vibratory rollers and vibratory soil compactors. Machines are available in various sizes, power capacities and compaction widths, making it easy to find the best compactor for your needs.

Motor Graders

We offer motor graders that give you the power and precision to accomplish the most difficult roadwork — from highway to haul road — with ease. The various suppliers with work with offer easy joystick controls that have reduced hand and wrist movement by 78%, resulting in a more comfortable operating experience for your crew.

Paving Equipment

Our Pavers offer screeds, track and asphalt pavers providing flexible paving solutions everywhere from highways to demanding urban environments. Rubber tire, rubber belted and steel track models are all available, as are windrow elevators. Both rear- and front-extender screeds are available as well. Screeds feature hydraulic width adjustment and electrically-heated plates.

Road Reclaimers

When buying a road reclaimer, you want one that combines superior performance and reliability to achieve the most demanding job specifications while maximizing machine uptime. Many offer enhanced features and options…and are designed to work well in both full depth reclamation and soil stabilization applications.


When your work calls for the compacting of backfill from granular soil in trench-like conditions, the garden-variety roller compactor just won’t do. You need a specially designed trench roller with a compact frame and soil handling ability to maximize your productivity.


We offer several different wheel tractor-scrapers, including cold bowl, elevating and open bowl scrapers. Single- and tandem-engine configurations are available, as are self-loading, push loading and push loading hauling systems. A number of different auger arrangements give the machine a broad appetite to mix and homogenize various materials.