Performance, uptime and safety make the our pipelayer sideboom equipment a great choice for pipeline contractors across the globe. These Pipelayers are purpose-built for long life, serviceability and rebuild capability to help keep owning and operating costs low. The operator stations are designed for maximum productivity. Easy-to-use controls and operator comfort features, along with excellent visibility all around the machine not only help operators work more efficiently, but also contribute to enhanced job site safety.

Padding Machines

Our Padding Machines are specially developed for trench backfilling during pipeline construction. Many are carried by a pipelayer tractor and loaded with an excavator. The layered filling principle of the equipment provides premium advantages. Costs are reduced and quality & safety for pipeline construction and operation are optimized.

Pipe Carriers

Our equipment manufacturers’ pipe carriers are typically fitted with a special kit to transport pipes of various diameters. The hydraulic operated cradle arms require no special hydraulic power source and can be easily removed and re-installed. In addition, many of these kits can be made to fit your a Caterpillar tractor. Most can carry pipes ranging from 6 to 36 inches.