New Trucks & Trailer Equipment

Dump Trucks

The chassis on the dump trucks we offer are built to withstand tremendous axle loads and stresses. We ensure that their chassis frames can withstand the most demanding use. Our dump truck bodies must withstand repeated impacts resulting from loading mechanisms. They have the durability to make it through arctic and blistering desert weather.

Vocational Trucks

When it comes to heavy construction, mining and quarry work, our vocational trucks offer state-of-the-art work capabilities. These vocational trucks are loaded with advanced technologies. Most collect and analyzing data to optimize efficiency. On-highway trucks can be configured as waste carriers, concrete mixers, dump trucks or heavy haulers.

Water Trucks

Whatever your watering application – compaction, providing dust control, delivering fire-prevention and protection, or growing vegetation, the Water Trucks we offer are built for the toughest jobs. We hold the industry standard for quality, durability, and reliability. They’re ideal for industrial and commercial applications.


We understand your need for transport trailers that help you meet the demands of your unique work environment. We carry a complete line of transport trailers to help maximize the production and efficiency of your business. When you need a transport trailer known for quality, durability and dependability, our trailers have a reputation for delivering. All trailers are made in the U.S.A., and they are built to maintain peak performance as well as retain resale value.